Saturday, November 15, 2008

vegetable garden

According to my friend, when the people from England arrived in New Zealand, they remembered the dangers of fires when living in houses built very close to each other. So in spacious New Zealand, they had houses built on quarter acres, and most suburban houses have the odd lemon or grape fruit tree and a vege garden.

Here's some of my vegetables in my present garden. I grow so much tomatoes because Sam likes it, and I freeze what surplus I have to cook my Sri lankan curry or bolognaise sauce. You can see the young tomato plants in the photo.

The little leafy ones are baechu aka as chinese cabbage aka napa cabbage in USA. I use to make Korean Kimchi or stir fry in a chinese vege dish.

In Sandringham, Auckland where I currently live, on my left is a Hindu temple, and next door to that is a Presbyterian Church. As I garden, I enjoy the soft tin tin tin sound of the temple bell chiming and the melodious singing of traditional hymns of the Polynesian worshippers in the church. Some people talk to their plants, I don't, but I just stare at them. Perhaps the temple bells and the church singing make my plants grow.

***Sandringham is smacked in the middle of Mt Eden and Mt Albert, both volcanoes. The volcanic soil is very fertile for gardening. I supplement this with sheep pellets and compost I make myself.***

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