Sunday, August 2, 2015

Yellow: Jackfruit

Jackfruit tree at the compound of the Malaysian Railway station in Paloh. In most places, I see the grower "saronging" or wrapping the fruit with a sack to prevent insects from attacking the fruits.

Another reason for "saronging" the fruit is to tell people that the tree is mine, not everyone's. It seems in the old days, especially if you grow your fruit tree on public land, everyone is allowed to harvest the fruit.

I do not eat this fruit. It has a very strong aroma and it makes me dizzy.

Monkeys and humans.

This is my niece Ruth. Recently, it was reported on National TV, that a monkey worked as a waiter in Japan.

Friends in West Malaysia are having trouble with monkeys raiding her kitchen. When I was living in Singapore, we had our fun when Monkeys came to our house. The management got animal catches and shot darts at the alpha male. The rest went away.

It is a sad case of humans encroaching the monkey habitat and they monkeys have no place to go.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Challenge: Old and Mood

Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok 
 At 18, Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok was a Xiu Cai (an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). He was the only Xiu Cai in the village. Unfortunately, because the family was poor, he could not pursue his further studies to the ultimate the Zhuangyuan(状元),

Great-Grand Father was headhunted and offered the position of the “governor”, the head of this big company Kong Nan Seng Agricultural Co, in August, 1907. The directors of the company scouted Great-Grand Father because they found him well educated and an upright man of high calibre.  

My brother Dr Henry Chan Chok Khuang. He is the leader for the Heart of Borneo (HoB) for WWF in Malaysia and Indonesia

Whether I go to Kuching, in Sarawak. He takes me into the jungle to see orang utans.

My brother Dr Henry Chan Chok Khuang. He is the leader for the Heart of Borneo (HoB) for WWF in Malaysia and Indonesia

I was eleven years old when Henry was born. Aunties said that he had a high fore head and he looked like Great Grand Father. They predicted that he would become a high official of the king like the old days.

In deed, 150 years after from when Great Grand Father was scouted, Henry has an important job, and our Great Grand Father would be very proud of him.

The theme for this week is Mood. The whole family is happy for Henry's achievement.

last week's theme"OLD" (Vintage, Antique, Rusty, Secondhand, Long ago, Aging, Senior,...) combined with this week's theme

"MOOD" (Things Happy, Sad, Exciting, Boring,...)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ABC Wed: Letter C for charity.

My girl Friend Rasinah Chai has become a practising Muslim.  She  has done a lot of charity work through Macma for many years. 

Now, she is the president of the Rotary club where she will be involved in more charity work.To set up projects to help the poor and needy, especially in the rural areas. We have set up a lot of hydro projects to bring in clean water to the long houses in Bakalalang n Belaga. Smaller projects are helping rural school children with their English.

 When I was living in Singapore, my friends and I had "Foodsale." We cooked and sold our food to neighbours and the proceeds went to the Deaf In Kenya.

We were not the only people raising funds. One year, a group of Americans went and gifted gifts.

When my church had  silent auctions to raise funds to a school in Thailand. I offered to cook a Malaysian dinner for 4. I assured the successful bidder that I cook curry chicken quite well. I used to cook 5 chickens 4 times a year for 16 years for "Foodsale."

A pot of Curry Chicken with Saffron Rice cooked  for charity.
For 4 adults;

Saturday, July 25, 2015

ABC Wed: Letter C for cancer.

CanTeen is the New Zealand organisation supporting young people aged between 13 and 24 living with cancer.

CanTeen was established to ensure that no young person in New Zealand living with cancer should ever have to feel alone.
Mission Our mission is to support, develop and empower, young people living with cancer through a national peer support network, and high quality educational and recreational programmes.

Their annual appeal is the Bandanna Challenge,Bandanna Challenge is CanTeen's major public appeal and fundraiser for the year and was held from 23 September - 9 October in 2011. It is over, but you can still buy them online.

On everyone's lips who are watching the Rugby World Cup is 22 year old Aaron Cruden. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which necessitated the removal of one of his testicles, and is said to have cost him a super 14 contract in 2009. The cancer has since gone into remission. Cruden started the match at First Five-Eighth against Australia on 16 October 2011, in the World Cup Semi Final at Eden Park, scoring a drop goal in the 20-6 victory for the All Blacks.

Most schools support them, and my school's student council sold bandannas and the children wore this colourful bandannas in different style. The classroom became a sea of coulour hues.

The most popular ones were designed by celebrities and sporting heros.

Some schools refused to support this cause arguing that bandannas are associated with gangs. This is a pity as the orginally intention was to identify with cancer victims who usually lost their hair and have to wear a bandanna over their head to cover their baldness.

This year's Canteen appeal is close to my heart. A friend's son and ex student of my school had cancer and sadly, a second child is stricken with cancer.