Friday, July 31, 2009

Maori Language Week

The original people of New Zealand are the Maoris. This week is National Maori week. Kia ora or good day or hello. New Zealanders are encouraged to learn their other national language.

I did a bit of research when I wrote my book, "Mail Order Bride." You can read it on this site, as I have not approached many publishers. My book touched on this Marae though my story is entirely a fictional one. I wrote this book before I knew my friend Ngarimu and my having a sleep over there.

Just as many of my sites are about New Zealand, my book too ia about the different peoples of New Zealand.

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makingmemories said...

Tena Koe.

A lovely week for us to learn the language of our land. I have joined a Te Reo class this week which runs until end November where we get to learn the language and some protocol while at it!

Look forward to keeping in touch!