Monday, February 13, 2012

My World Tuesday/outdoor Wed: Railway crossing

There are many railway crossings in Auckland, without safety barriers or bars. Then they wonder why there are accidents. They do have bells and warning signs.

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 7:49a.m.

A pedestrian has been struck and killed by a train in South Auckland this morning.

This incident happened about 200m south of Middlemore Station at around 6:55am.

The person died at the scene.

No trains are running in either direction on this line at the moment while emergency services complete their response.

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From the NZ Herald

"A person has been hit and killed by a train in Auckland this morning.

Emergency services were called to Avondale Train Station just after 7am, a police spokesman said.

Train service were majorly impacted on the western line this morning but should be back to normal by lunch time.

Auckland Transport spokeswoman Sharon Hunter described the fatality as a "tragic event".

"Trains are back and running on the western line again and hopefully will only be delays for the next hour.""


Ensurai said...

Yes I have often been at railway crossings and wonder how many people have been killed. In Kunming (Chia) a railway crosses a busy stree....and the huge goods train just pass by inches away from food stalls and shops...wonder how many people can be killed if the train derail!! no safety at all...but may be it is because the train here is slow...trains are still very "romantic" in my mind....

genie said...

We have NO railway crossings here where I live. I know that sounds unusual. The train stations still exist, but no trains run through our little towns. Perople being killed crossing tracks by foot or car is such a tragic waste of life. We need to go back to the long crossbars. That would help cut down on the number of deaths. genie

mommy Orkid Belle said...

That is horrible! It sure is dangerous when people don't pay attention to railroads and for the train coming. We had an accident here too not far from us where a man threw himself into a coming train. Horrible! Horrible! Visiting you back!

Adin B

eileeninmd said...

Hi Ann, it is sad! The same thing happens here with our light rail system. There are always stupid people trying to take chances and beat the train.