Friday, March 16, 2012

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March 17 creative

When I went to primary school, my art class was Freedom Art Class. My teacher let is draw anything and any way we like, liken to the analogy of free range chicken. I was never taught any techniques, I knew nothing about blending of colours. My favourite painting was of colour pencil medium. I drew the beach, of an attap hut and coconut trees with curved trunks and swaying leaves. I continue as an adult to doodle this.

One day, an adult occupational therapist friend told me to draw something. I drew the beach and the coconut trees. She said I longed for tropical Borneo. My place of birth where I left almost 40 years ago.

As I hardly use a pen or pencil, I hardly draw any more, occasionally drawing for my students. Kiddies are funny, they go oooh ahhh even though I know it is obviously an ugly drawing/ sketch.

But one person I know is creative. Now he tells me his daughter too is creative. He is Oliver Wong. I am privileged that he lets me post his paintings.

Like Father, like daughter, both creative artists.

17 creative

Oliver Wong - Ollie's Art Gallery
An artist should not stay locked in one style He should roam freely. He should fly. An Artist has to discover Art is accidental. It's not intentional Once you discover something by accident, develop it Experiment, play then form it Go where you want to go You are a river, there is no turning back

one of the earlier drawings created just before my retirement. This was drawing I did at the same time I did "Still Born". One of the few drawings where I used a black ink pen. No sketch, no eraser not even a plan. Just let the pen go where it wanted to go. After I finished in 10 minutes, my daughter could not resist to add in the colors for me. Likewise she finished in less then 10 minutes.

Dad and Daughter - Apprehension, doubtful, fearful - Fear not for I am with you always.

Oliver when I knew him as a university student in 1978 in Auckland New Zealand.

I knew Oliver when I first arrived in Auckland in 1978. We come from the same town, Sibu in Borneo.


YTSL said...

I like the idea of a Freedom Art Class. My primary school art classes are actually quite unmemorable. On the other hand, I remember having fun art lessons at kindergarten and a great art teacher in my lower secondary school days. :)

Gattina said...

Each artist has his own creativity and style, it would be a shame to put everybody in one bag !

Carver said...

Great post. The freedom art class sounds fantastic. I like your friend's are that you posted.

LifeRamblings said...

i love the concept of freedom art. it inspires one's creativity and also involves some form of expression. the artwork is lovely.

Trekcapri said...

I also love the idea of Freedom Art class to fuel our creative juices. Oliver and his daughter are very talented. That was very nice of him to allow you to share his work.

Lovely post and a wnderful take on this week's theme.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

The Nature Jotter said...

pretty blog and photos! Now i follow you! Compliments by Italy!

SandyCarlson said...

What incredible work! Bautiful.

Magia da Inês said...

Passei para uma visitinha.
º°❤ Boa semana!
°º✿ Beijinhos.
º° ✿ ✿⊱╮ Brasil