Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday stills: Numbers

Some important Government department in Singapore, all computerised.

A vehicle that stores windsurfing gear.

My Tongan friend George's certificate for his best dressed stall.

My brand new business chair went faulty, and I decided to send them photos of the chair and the receipt. This company was wonderful, and gave us a choice of a refund, get a replacement or pay more money and get a better chair. Paki Paki to this company.


Unknown said...

Great company to work with you.
Have a beautiful week ~

Ensurai said...

love companies which can replace faulty purchases....

eileeninmd said...

I though the windsurfer gear was a lock on the wheel of the car. The city here puts wheel locks on cars that have a lot of parking tickets. That is their way to get the tickets paid before the car can be moved. Glad the company did right by you and your refund. Have a great week, Ann!