Sunday, December 16, 2012

Save the world/My world: Feral dog

We love to go to One Tree Hill park especially during lambing time, and watch the little lambs. Once there were feral dogs who attacked the sheep and killed the lambs. Where are the feral dogs from? Here is an email from Singapore, where I once was a member of this cat cafe. Some of these feral dogs come from construction sites. Foreign workers missing their family feed the dogs and the construction sites keep a blind eye. beside, being feral, these dogs make a good watch dog. Another source, I heard this is from the "Let alive" concept, once the dog owner find it too expensive to own the dogs, pay for vets fees and sterilisation charges, computer chips ID, find it too expensive to pay for putting the dog down, drive to remote places and release the dog. Hi everyone, You may have heard about or know some of the campus cats are killed recently by feral dogs that roam on NTU campus. The Office of Development and Facilities Management (ODFM) has engaged the services of a professional dog catcher to study the dogs' trails and patterns in order to have a plan on ambushing and trapping these feral dogs. The Cat Management Network (CMN), the Student Affairs Office and Housing Services Office are working together with ODFM on trapping these feral dogs. If you see a feral dog on campus, please help by reporting the sighting to the Fault Reporting Centre on 6790 4777. The information that you provide will be provided to the professional dog catcher. Your help is greatly appreciated by our on-campus cats as well as CMN. Regards, Vicki Tan for the NTU Cat Management Network My World Tuesday:

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