Friday, April 5, 2013

week reflection/Photohunt: Peace and tranquility

What is Peace and tranquility to me.

Richard Clayderman - Music box dancer  

The first time I heard this piece of music was I was up in the maternity ward after I had 26 hours of a terrible labour. I had just given birth to my oldest daughter D almost 28 years ago. I was spent and sore and absolutely tired. This piece of music came through the intercom. I sat on my hospital bed and looked at my beautiful baby girl. This piece of music gave me peace and tranquility.

D started piano lessons at 6, but she dropped them because it was very hard work preparing for the PSLE in Singapore. During her last year at university, she picked it up again. She had a fantastic teacher Wu Lei. She passed her final grade with flying colours and she was invited to play at weddings. She made a recording of this same piece. She's been away from me for 7 years, and whenever I hear her recording, I get peace and tranquility. Of course it is no way as good as Richard Clayderman, but it is from her.

I bought this blown glass piano in Australia for her.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a beautiful reflection, and what a lovely gift. Of course, the best gift was your daughter when you looked at her and listened to the music.

'Tsuki said...

This little cristal piano is so cute ! Good idea to take the picture in front on a mirror : the multiple reflections are amazing !