Friday, December 27, 2013

FSO Holiday Traditions

Last week, I gave an introduction to tradition. I have posted this a few years back. This will be an excellent introduction to some Chinese custom.

This is my little brother Henry. But he is now the eldest of the Clan in Sarawak because he is a male. In the Confucius paternalistic society, boys come before girls. Even though Rose is the eldest of us lot, she is considered lower than him. Henry's two older brothers are in Australia, so Henry represents them to be the DAI KO, or big brother.
Here is Henry, seated and inviting everyone to eat. We eat communal style. All the dishes are placed on the table. Everyone help themselves to a little morsel.

The Albert Library celebrated Lunar New year with a fashion parade of traditional Chinese costumes, music, display of Tai Chi sword exercise and a beautiful Chinese Dance. My friend Siong organised this event, a job well done. The ladies twirled them around.

Holiday Traditions

Right now many of our towns are celebrating the Christmas season with traditional foods, decorations, and church services but our Towns also celebrate many holidays throughout the year with traditional music, costumes and even pageantry.



Mersad said...

It's really wonderful to see different traditions. And that food looks very inviting. Thank you for sharing with us.

Mersad Donko Photography

DawnTreader said...

Beautiful costumes, and always interesting to learn a little of different traditions.

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful costumes. I would love to have seen the dancing. I would also have loved to taste some of the dishes you have arrayed there! I am much more adventurous in my taste for foods than I used to be.

Unknown said...

I too would love to sample some of your traditional food. I can eat most any cuisine. The dancers are beautiful.

Pauline said...

Good to see Chinese tradition alive and well in Kiwiland, Ann.

GingerV said...

the photo of the dancers struck a familiar cord, so I think I have seen this either in person or in a movie. Love Traditional Chinese music and dance. Graceful and pleasing. The food looks good, I'd say I love Chinese food, but have never eaten in China - only Chinese American. good but likely not the same. Have a great Western New Year.