Thursday, February 6, 2014

FSO: Entrances

 I went to this park last Saturday. New Zealand has a lot of timber.
 At Mt Albert Baptist Church entrance, our new pastor stands to greet worshippers. It's Chinese New Year, hence the Chinese words greetings.

Below: a little hideaway cafe at Karangahake gorge.
 Entrance to Grafton Hall of residence of Auckland university.
Alcohol ban in our public parks, in summer, it is fire ban too.

This is the entrance of Kai Chung School, Binatang/Bintangnor. Taken during their reunion, and I was invited to attend as their teacher. Thanks you Ke Tara and Francis Chen.

Feb 7: Entrances - Show us usual and unusual entrances in your towns and cities, from home doors, to gates in the city. (

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Jama said...

I posted a photo of a temple too for this week theme, come and have a look. I can't link up to FMTSO, can't even access the page.