Saturday, November 22, 2014

Running the marathon

10 years ago, I ran the Singapore 10 km marathon

Today, my second daughter ran the 1/2 Queenstown Marathon .

What makes one go through such gruesome pain?

We are part Hakka women.

There are different dialect groups among the Chinese people. My Dad is a Cantonese, and my mum a Hakka. My husband is a Hakka, thus making my children 75% Hakkas.

According to legend, the Hakka women marched to war with their husbands. They did not suffer the cruel footbinding custom of making their feet three-inch lotuses. The rest of the Chinese girls and women shuffled along and cried in agony.

My daughters have inherited the genes of big feet. They also were very brave like doing the bungy at sixteen, black water rafting at 12, and playing with snakes at 14.

They are truly my Amazons. They are very tall and tower over many Asians. I guess if they wore armours of steel, they would be very formidable and give Xena and her sidekick, the other Gabrielle a good run for their money.

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