Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Chinese BBQ

 I was invited to the New Zealand Chinese BBQ, The building with the Chinese words evoked such emotional response in me.

Here they have plaques and tiles which acknowledge the donations the members have made to build this building. I was very pleased to see my friend Turners and Growers. During their Oct Refugee lunch, I saw Jeffery Turner. He told me his family and the Chinese go a long way back.
 These individual tile reminds me of my Grad dads on both sides going about to raise money for the Nanyang University in Singapore. It was to be a people's university. My Grand dad and Dad used to proudly say they owned a brick in that University. I was to benefit from their generosity when my husband became a Professor there, and I was faculty wife for 16 years. My oldest girl, did her first degree there.

Christmas also meant fundraising. The women organised a raffles for the Starship hospital.

 BBQ is a summer activity. There were yummy food, brought as pot luck, but the meat was provided. I love the ham. 

This is how we celebrate Christmas. We did have Santa dressed in the traditional red.

What does your town look like at the beginning of the Christmas season? And if you are not celebrating, what does the start of December look like in your corners of the world.

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