Friday, August 28, 2015

FSO: Floral clock


the clock was working when my cousin Cecilia came to visit.

Procedure [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

Can you share a procedure from your town or city with us? Something that occurs regularly and always at the same time? From town clocks to traffic lights, let your imagination run wild.
Today, I revisited the very spot I had my wedding photos taken just over 35 years ago. Of course, on that day, I was dreamy eyed, and didn't notice how beautiful the trees were. The floral clock was there and it worked at that time, Apparently some idiot had vandalized the hands too many times. The city fathers decided, enough was enough. The hands were no longer replaced. Which is such a pity. Because tourists used to love this and take photos,
Albert Park also holds dear to me, as it borders Auckland university. I used to spend many lunch hours with other students and city worker.

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Mersad said...

Wonderful images. Thanks for linking in with Friday My Town Shoot Out.