Thursday, September 17, 2015

ABC Letter J for Jungle and Dr Henry Chan.

Henry with his lovely wife Elley and his lovely sister, Me.

 The guide tells us what not to do.

 A yellow sign to advice  people what no to do. My brother Dr Henry Chan,  takes his son Jonathan, to appreciate nature at a young age. 6 years ago, Jonathan took me to the same place.

My husband the water engineer is attending the Australian and Ports conference. One of the talks was by my friend Ngarimu, on the environment from the Maori protocol prospective.

I thought of my youngest brother Dr. Henry Chan Chok Khuang and his lovely wife Elley Lina. I am very proud of Henry as he works for humanity and we share a lot of ideals.He is always traveling and attending conference on the environment. We tease him to be the protector of the orang-utan in the jungle.

He is leader for the Heart of Borneo (HoB). The Heart of Borneo Leader for WWF in Malaysia and Indonesia since March. He is based in Kuching but he travels a lot.

Recently, I made a friend, and she said," I like Henry, he loves trees and I like trees." I didn't tell her, I like  trees too.

Session 3: Societal Response to Environmental Governance in Malaysia
Chairperson:Dr. Henry Chan Chok Khuang
Fellow, Asian Public Intellectuals

Environmental Movement in Malaysia

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Reader Wil said...

This is a great tribute to your brother! His work is very important!Thanks for sharing.
Wil, ABCW Team