Sunday, January 24, 2016

Master Kok Fei and Master Kui Kui

This is a story of a friendship of a lifetime. My Uncle Master Kok Fei in the photo, and his friend Master Kui Kui.

In the prewar time, they studied English session in the morning in Sacred Heart's school. In the afternoon, Uncle Kok Fei and my dad studied in Tung Hua School. I am not sure if Master Kui Kui studied in Tung Hua, I remembered Uncle Kok Fei saying, students from the Chinese session was very good in Maths.

The two of them helped each other, Uncle Kok Fei teaching Master Kui Kui Math, and Master Kui Kui teaching him English.

The two went on to become teachers of Sacred Heart's primary school, and Master Kui Kui became the principal until his retirement. Master Kok Fei was very passionate about sports and even the secondary boys know him.

The person who took this photo must have been William, Master Kui Kui's son. Uncle Kok Fei came to visit me in Auckland and William took him around.

We had a meal in my house, and most of these were Sacred Heart Old Boys.  You may recognize Father Paul Chee.

Every Chinese New Year, I specially remember Uncle Kok Fei. He was born on the 7th day. universal or human beings birthday. We always went to his house and celebrated together with his brother,

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