Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Train ride and lost elderly and some chillis.

It makes me think of these impersonal machines, super efficient but heartless. 

 Below is my train ride of our local slow train.
I am also recalling a story with these very chillis. One day, I was at our local Asian grocer. The rain was pelted down and these two elderly couple had a walker preparing to go home. I suggested I send them home, They say just up the road, they didn't know English, and got very lost, So was I. I stopped at the diary to ask for direction. It was just up the road. 
They were very grateful when I found the house. You bet so was I. I the pelting rain, the old woman went to pick these chillis for me.

To make the story short, I have a wonderful story to cherish and tell my kids that it doesn't take much to be a good Samaritan.
My friendly conductor Baar, he welcomed us on board and was very helpful. He even helped with carrying a walker off the train.

On the way back, it was after school time. There were two handsome New Zealand Maori wardens. My conjecture is by having two young friendly wardens on board, it helps deter rowdy students. Indeed, the train was very clean and the students well behaved. They were very happy for me to take their photo.


Jo said...
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Jo said...

What a heart-warming story, Ann. Those chillies look yummy too. Your trains are so clean and modern. South Africa's rail system is almost non-existent which is a pity. I remember adventurous train journeys when I was a child. Thanks for sharing. Jo