Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ABC Wed Letter B
We have our sweet story about the Stardome. Back almost forty years ago shortly after we were married. We didn't have children or nappies to worry about. We used to go around Auckland driving our Ford Escort. We were at the Stardome one evening, and we met this Japanese lady with her two pre-teen kids.
We said hi, and she thought we were Japanese.  My grand dad would have been proud of my hospitality and we struck up a conversation. They were very trusting when we offered to take them round Auckland. She was a plastic surgeon and was holidaying with her kids. We took them places that the tour  guides would not normally take tourists to.
The next evening, I cooked her dinner of pan fried mullet, steamed rice and veg. She was so pleased as they were tired of Kiwi food. When we took them back to their hotel, she told us to wait at the lobby
She came down with two beautiful dresses, a Japanese silk make-up bag, and two bangles. The dresses are long gone, but I can still remember them and the remarks of my Japanese dresses. One of the bangle was very unusual, it had some twenty "bangs" join together at the ends. The gold colouring had gone, and I asked a jeweller in Malaysia if he could coat it in gold for it. It proved too expensive, and he said, he won't recommend it.
I still keep them, as a token of our friendship. I have forgotten her face, but I guess she would remember the time when she met this couple who she said," very handsome couple who have no need of her professional services as a plastic surgeon." May be her son and daughter might come back to visit the Stardome and recollect the time they had pan fried mullet in our little apartment.

The other day, my daughter rummaged through my trinkets and found a neck version of the bracelet. I told her this story, and how I replaced the original bracelets had the plating gone.

I rummage for the Oroton bag I had and remembered this bag which in fact is a birthday cake my sister Grace made.

I have an anecdote of a metallic clutch bag. In 1990, my husband got a job lecturing in the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Before we left New Zealand, my girl friend B. said, "Ann, you will be an important wife of a professorie. You will be going to dinner parties, so let's go and buy you a good Oroton bag."

So off we went, I bought a silver metallic bag. In the sixteen years I was there, I have never been invited to an important dinner party, even though he became an associate professor. In reality, they didn't invite wives.

When I came back to New Zealand, I gave the bag to Deborah. Hopefully she will get to attend important dinner parties. LOL


MelodyK said...

Isn't it wonderful how the minds works and what comes out of it, by thinking of just one letter ;-0

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Thanks for sharing your stories, Ann. I enjoyed them. No doubt the plastic surgeon remembered you and you husband fondly for years and years. I know I would've.

Roger Owen Green said...

a handbag with a history!


Black Jack's Carol said...

What a wonderful story! I'm betting the Japanese lady and her two pre-teens remember you with great fondness. Loved that handbag Birthday cake, too! How creative and a great story to go with it too. Best of all is the sharing of these stories with your daughter. Lovely post!

Deepa said...

That purse....looked so pretty

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