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Save the world: Guide to cheap living

Everyone now and then, some one sees my blogs and we agree on some ideas.…/guide_to_cheap_green_living…

I saw that you included “Save the world” in a post on My Thoughts and Photos’s website here:

Thanks for this – I’ve been looking for some content about green living online. I’m glad your website has info that could be useful to people looking to reduce their impact on the environment. We at Coupon Chief have just created a massive guide titled “The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Green Living.” It includes up-to-date information and special tips to help people adopt a more Earth-friendly lifestyle without draining their wallets.

Can I send you the link to the guide? We’re hoping you could help us spread the word by sharing and linking to it. :)

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


Here are six of the most important reasons you should adopt a green lifestyle today:
Reason #1: This is the only planet we’ll ever have.
The top reason to go green is an obvious one; planet Earth is our only home. If we spoil our planet, we can’t move to Jupiter or Mars and start over.
Reason #2: Real food is better for you.
The big benefit here is that most Earth-friendly foods are also foods that are good for you. Fresh vegetables and fruits farmed locally are some of the best foods you can find, for example.
Reason #3: Some “green” technologies can help you save money.
While it’s commonly believed that going green is crazy-expensive, this is no longer the case. Even energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, which are somewhat expensive upfront, will help you save money on your home energy bills over time. Meanwhile, the price of newer technologies like solar panels continues to decrease every year.
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Reason #4: Going green can increase your home’s value.
Adding energy-efficient appliances or upgrades to your home will help you save money over the long run. And since buyers love the idea of saving on utilities and energy, you can increase your home’s value and fetch a higher sales price, too.
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Reason #5: We need water to live.
If you don’t care about the health of our water, you’re forgetting one crucial detail: We need water to live. As humans, we cannot afford to ignore the health of our water supply.
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Reason #6: Green living is often more humane
As the scientific journal Nature noted earlier this year, human diets are directly linked to the health of our planet. More than anything else, a vegetarian or mostly-vegetarian diet is the best way for humans to reduce carbon emissions and stop global warming.

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