Monday, October 8, 2018

abc letter N: Nostalgic

When I was 20 months old, Dad went to England. He would tell us anecdotes of his time there.

This is nostalgic. One day Dad bought a big block of cheese.
Mum said," such a big block, must be very expensive."

Dad said, "Yes, I bought the cheese for our children to have tasted cheese. I don't want them to be country bumpkins and never have eaten cheese before."

He cut the cheese into small pieces and asked us to eat them with crackers.
The word country bumpkin was a very sensitive word. Dad told us in England, the Africans were very friendly to him and his Sarawak friends. But the Hong Kong students were show offs and treated Dad as a country bumpkin.
That big block of cheese would have cost him a lot.

When I eat cheese, it is a big block of cheese. The husband doesn't eat cheese and the son eats soft cheese.

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