Thursday, April 18, 2019

ABC Wednesday for organ donation

On 29th Sept 1989, the senior doctor in NICU at National Women's hospital told us that my newly born Andrew was dying. He had a rare syndrome, Campomelic Dysplasia and asked if we would donate his body to the hospital. I had no hesitation to say yes. I told him, if Andrew was of no use to me, let him be of use to Science. During his 55 days, the doctor came many times if I have changed my mind.
I had since learnt that people do not like to donor their loved one's organs. 
Hospitals make a big thing when somebody has donated their loved ones. 
In my case, they had to rush through because they didn't want the tissues to decay. The nurse manager said," On behalf of the hospital, I thank you for Andrew."
As I write the edited and reposted piece, I come to realise, all the cases I had read were the donors were as still alive and the loved ones had to make the painful decision of turning the machine.
 I watched on TV a soap, where this issued was acted out. #Diary of a bereaved . I w
atched the episode in Emmerdale Farm. A heartbreaking episode sees Chas and Paddy face a devastating day as Chas gives birth to their daughter, Grace who is left alive so her organs can be harvested, It resonates in my own experience.


Roger Owen Green said...

A VERY important topic! I'll be a donor.

Anita Sabat said...

I have pledged my organs for donation.
The one, who is no more, cannot take such decisions post-death.
It's painful for immediate family-members to go through this...

Out Of Sight & Out Of This World - Anita said...

Its so heart warming article!! May he stay well..Lots of well wishes for them..
You are doing great job.

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Kate Williamson said...
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