Monday, January 27, 2020

What are people talking about Ann Chin

Words of Healing
Aucklander, The Auckland Herald

Dr Simon Rowley is a consultant at Starship Children's Hospital who's been given a copy of the book.
"It is a good reminder to all health professionals that when our patients leave us, the story does not end for the parents. The detail is amazing, and every little thought and action seems to have been recorded as it happened, and then has been reflected upon.
"For parents undergoing similar experiences this book could be a great comfort. For health professionals, I would see it as essential reading."

It's Ok to cry, Television One, New Zealand a documentary.I appeared in this.
Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh offered to be my VVIP guest at my book launch.
I am very proud of Ann.

Ann, my name is Lori and I believe I recently read your book (I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) when Dr. Andrew James shared it with me. I believe he took care of your son. Am I correct? If I am, I was blown away by your book- beautifully written. I hope you don't mind that I have written to you. Lori (Grief Support Nurse at SickKids Hospital in Toronto)

Diary Of A Bereaved Mother: Goodbye My Baby – has touched the lives of many mothers who have gone through the same agonising ordeal. Penned with such raw honesty, the book soon became a message of hope for mothers who have lost their babies.
Borneo Post

History, grief and hard truths
Borneo Bulletin

The write stuff
A sought after writer

World War II, if you are interested in Japanese War and Borneo Experience, this is a must read.  NZCA

From China to Borneo and Beyond.

It is a personal reflection of a way of life that has moved on and provides insight into a family and its relationships. It is most of all a work of love and respect for the Chan and Kong families and for Father and Mother.

(M M Ann Armstrong Lodge International School
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Forever In My Heart exhibition which is at the Peacock Art Gallery, Upton Country Park Deborah's drawings really look so lovely. Thank you so much for including them in the exhibition. Many people, especially, stop for quite a while and look and comment on Deborah's drawings.

Will resonate with anyone who has the misfortune to give birth to a child who has struggled to live. We our selves had gone through that.
Jonathan and Robin Dove, Snr Pastors

Cry of Oppress women. A recommended book for summer reading
Auckland City Libraries.

Mental Health affects many people. There are many
factors that cause people to suffer from depression.
I have written a fictitious book. While I was researching to write a sequel for my Cry, Of Oppressed women, I was interested in the Social welfare in uplifting of babies. I got interested in Oranga Tamariki or the former Child Youth and family.
Thyroid cancer is very much on the rise. But while it’s
one of the fastest growing cancers — up 274 percent since
1997 — it’s still a rare disease. According to the American
Cancer Society, 60,220 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed
with thyroid cancer this year, and 1,850 won’t survive.
Young women in their childbearing years are most at risk,
though it can affect men, women and children of all ages.
However, because thyroid cancer is rare, it’s not in the
spotlight like other cancers. And the exposure it does get
often overlooks some of the real issues that go along with
this cancer.

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