Sunday, August 30, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Letter G for gifts from your garden

It's been a long cold winter.

We all love to feel warm and fuzzy so my school's social group have decided to introduce that warm fuzzy feeling into everyone’s lives by having a ‘Warm Fuzzy Week’!

We were given a person for a week and became his/her anonymous warm fuzzy.

We could do all sorts of things and gifts to make them feel warm and fuzzy.

Flowers are nice, my friend suggested, look round your garden. You don't even have to spend money.

So flower is it, flowers from my garden. I like my warm fuzzy. I am giving my fuzzy flowers and packets of camomile tea. This morning, I gave a one stalk of my favourite flower, Cala lily. Tomorrow it will be a Bird of Paradise.

That will make her warmed and relaxed.

Sam's teacher started a Fuzzy week last year, it didn't work. The 12 year old boys didn't like the female teacher. The 12 year old boys didn't like the girls. After two days, the teacher canned the idea.


Jama said...

The flower is so beautiful! I bet who ever got this gift will be one happy person , I know I'll be!

CY said...

Hi Annchin. Thx for dropping by my blog. I am from Ipoh but have been in Thailand for the past 8 years now with my whole family, one boy and one girl and one big girl. :)
The fish u saw is a manmade lake and we just go in there and fish and eat as u like. COol, eh? CY

Mary said...


I hope your warm fuzzy week works well. It sounds like a great idea. Flowers from your garden are perfect.

To answer your question about the monkeys at Safari Niagara. They will be taken inside during the winter.

Thank you for the prayers for Denise's father. I will pray for your friend with the aneurism and the gentleman who had the stroke.

Enjoy your week.

SandyCarlson said...

It's a great idea that has to begin with some basic getting along, I guess. The flower is gorgeous.

Inday said...

That is a wonderful idea. Make everybody fuzzy!

What about picking this fuzzy Award Ann?

Ruth said...

The Bird of Paradise picture is so beautiful. 12 year old boys still need warm fuzzies even though they do not admit it, especially when there is a group of them. Hope your winter is gone for good soon. I think I see it slipping north to our area now.