Thursday, August 27, 2009


A mum's worst night mare, my fellow blogger Kate posts: I just hate it when my sixth senses are right. I have been very worried about this H1N1 virus and that this uneasy feeling that one of us will get it. Worst fears confirmed. Elissa has been admitted to the hospital for H1N1 and the whole family will be quarantined for one week. Please pray for us.

Dear Kate and Elissa, my thoughts are with you. I love this white Cala lily. It grows wild in New Zealand and I have them in my garden.


Jama said...

Wishing little Elissa speedy recovery.
My whole family don't like to eat dates, so we never buy any for our breaking of fast. It's sufficient with fruit juices or anything sweet to break the fast. Most of my shopping are done a few months earlier, so all that's left to do are the spring cleaning, and baking of cookies. Plus of course the daily chores that need to be done.

Barry said...

We're just heading into flu season here in Canada. People are wondering what it will bring.

I'm certainly wishing Elissa a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Just popped in with Our Town and discovered the flu. Sure hope your loved one is better soon. Stop by my neck of the woods, sometime when things are better.