Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gingko Biloba: PAK GOU tea

In this post of the gingko tree in my other blog, I expressed my happiness in finding that there are Gingko trees in parks in Auckland.

Since then, I found out that Gingko makes a very good tea which stop forgetfulness.

I watched a TV series of ethnobotanist James Wong who investigates tree-based remedies for everyday ailments. He says Ginkgo tea is for memory. Just crush a few leaves and steep in hot water.

As I type this post, I am drinking my Gingko tea from the leaves I plucked from the tree at One tree hill.

This is for Tammie Lee May be she might find a gingko tree in her area, as there are many in America.


Tammie Lee said...

Hi Ann,
This is so very sweet of you! In a mysterious way this is oh so perfect for me. I have the worst memory! So folks that know me think... that i have a good memory and in some ways I do, but in common ways.... oh my gosh I have a horrible one. So I think that ginko is talking to me through you! Time for me to get to know ginko more intimately and drink its tea. Thank you. I will go and see your other post too! big hug.

wenn said...

what about gingko fruit there? It's delicious..

Barry said...

Lets see if I can remember to make some, Ann!

Then maybe I will be able to remember to also visit James' blog.