Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jacob Chan, Nature Verses Nurture

My eight year old nephew Jacob got two awards at King's Christian College, Gold Coast, Australia this year. He won the Chess award, two years in a row. His chess teacher is Mrs Raelene Barton. He also won the IT award. His class is 2D and his teacher name is Mrs Angela Drummond. She said he is always encouraging others.

When I was at university, in my Developmental Psychology paper, I did a paper Nature V Nurture. Looking at Jacob, I can't tell you if it was he inherited good genes or his mum and dada took very well care of him. Jacob's great great grand father had an equivalent of a university degree more than a hundred years ago. His grand dad won a scholarship to study in England, and he has uncles and aunties who have PhDs, and his dad Joseph and uncle are lawyers. His mum Audrey chose to stay at home be with him.

I am so proud of him, Ka Pai Jacob, Paki-paki.
Paki-paki also to Joseph and Audrey.


M.Kate said...

Congrats to Jacob, I am sure it's a combination of both. Happy day Ann.

Jama said...

Congrats to your nephew, Ann! I don't even know how to play chess.

I used to learn typing while doing my A level, the little finger always got stuck so I ended up only using 8 fingers to type. Until the electric typewriter comes along and followed by the computer, I now can type without looking a the keyboard!

wenn said...

such a smart boy..

joseph chan said...

Jacob also won cash between $30 to $50.00 for chess tournaments.

We were asked to let him go for State Tournament in Tasmania and International Tournament in Moscow last year. We had to say no as the cost was prohibitive and it was too much for a little kid.

By the way his eldest brother Josh is also a chess player and has just been elected house captain for his school at Kings. Josh plays representative hockey.
Josh is also a scholarship recipient from his school.

Jacob is rated 796 and Josh 500 for the Queensland Chess Junior Rating.

Their Daddy and Mummy do not play chess.

All Glory to God.

Daddy blowing the trumpet.

hetty said...

Interesting post. I was always interested in the nature vs nurture controversy. I think they go together. Start out with good genes then nurture them. Congratulations to Jacob!

Anonymous said...
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