Monday, September 27, 2010

save the world: Vegetable crisp bags
I do not endorse products, but when I was on the Goldcoast of Australia, where the summer is really hot, my brother C uses these bags. It seems a good idea as the veg and fruits stay fresher than if left on the bench or in the fridge.

Lately, I have been wasting a lot of fresh vegetables as I on on the computer a lot. I must check with my supermarket if they are available in New Zealand.

Fresh ‘n’ Crisp
It`s Fresh ‘n' Crisp storage bags
Fresh fruit and vegetables continue to ripen after they`ve been picked. This means that they can spoil very quickly once they reach you. A solution is Fresh ‘n' Crisp storage bags. Let`s see how they work.

How Fresh ‘n' Crisp work
Microscopic holes in Fresh ‘n' Crisp storage bags allow the produce to breathe, but at a decreased, controlled rate.

The result?
This slows ripening and preserves freshness, vitamins and flavour of your fresh produce.

What can you store in Fresh ‘n' Crisp bags?
As you`ve heard here, they're perfect for fresh produce, especially broccoli, carrots, lettuce, capsicum and much more. They're also just as great for fresh herbs like basil and parsley.

Fresher produce, less wastage
We`ve probably all thrown out vegetables that have been kept for too long and spoiled. Storing your vegetables in Fresh ‘n' Crisp bags means you`re enjoying fresher fruit and vegetables and also reducing the wastage.

Look for Fresh ‘n' Crisp storage bags in your supermarket today.


Ginny said...

Have you tried tham and do they work? We have these here, but they are a different brand. Here's something amazing that we have. Microwave vegetable steaming bags. Just pop in some broccoli or any vegetable, and throw in the microwave. It steams it beautifully.

khengsiong said...

Maybe not in Malaysia yet...

Jama said...

I think I've seen something similar here but I don't use it. Since the market/supermarket is just across the block, I only buy for a few day stock.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi this is something we should have in #Sarawak...especially for midin..I need to try to keep it fresh for one day at least...we normally buy and cook on that day. Next day even after putting in the fresh veg section in the fridge our jungle and precious fern would be black and watery...|OOOOO

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Nice houseold hint Ann. As we're traveling now, we only have room for a day or two of stuff in the frig -- but at home, I do try to keep a weeks's worth, to save on grocery trips. I'll have to look for these when we get back.

Marja said...

Oh how great. I will certainly look out for them. We get a lot of vegies out of the garden but our fruit sometimes goes off
About your question if things are back to normal. For us yes but not for many people who lost their house or business It is still a mess in many places