Monday, September 22, 2014

University Graduation

Last week, I was driving past a university, and I saw some students taking their graduation photos in the rain.

When you have slogged three, four, six, ten years. Don't you think you deserve an elaborate ceremony like this? The water engineer getting his PhD.
***Inside the Auckland Town Hall***

This was my capping/graduation/convocation with Mark. I walked from the campus at Princess Street, down Victoria Street, walked up the stairs into the Great Hall. Then I never saw him again. I wonder where he is now.

My reflection for this week is two profound ideas. I just learn that some Town fathers wanted to demolish this building. Luckily there was some wise people who opposed to this move. Imagine this grand old lady was gone? What a great loss it would be.

The other is some people advocate that you don't need to succeed in life without an education. I beg to differ. Education has served my family very well. My grand grand dad had a SIEW CAI, and equivalent of a university degree more than 100 years ago in China. The family had instilled in us the value of education. Yes, we may not be rich financially, but we have a wealth of experience.

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