Tuesday, May 1, 2018

ABC Letter Q, Quini or Kwaini

When you grow something, you are optimistic, and hope the plant will be productive. Grandpa had a mango tree that grew pretty tall and lush. It should be having fruits, but grandpa waited in vain. He didn’t get a single fruit. A friend suggested he went and collect some fire ants. Knowing a little bit of science, I told Grandpa that the ants will pollinate the flowers.
But grandpa said, he would rather have no mangoes than have ants biting us. He cautioned the ants would crawl to his other fruit trees. He didn't have the heart to chop it down.
Many decades later, Henry’s neighbour brought some mangos. I told her about Grandpa’s red ant story. She laughed, she said she slashes the tree. Friends on Facebook say someone hammers nails into the lower trunk.
  my friend Hee Heng's tree.
From Growing up in Borneo

There is a tropical fruit which looks like mango and tree looks the same. The quini is more pungent than the mango.

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Nice color

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I wish we had the climate to grow a mango tree.
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Indeed, wonderful to what nature gives back

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