Monday, July 6, 2020

Seweing machine.

Borrow this photo.This year in May, I got a post. Some kid when we knew in early 1960s who had gone to Canada earlier. He remember my sis got poked in her finger. It is so many years, My sis and Luis remembered after the finger was poked. Luis"s Dad was our neighbour and was a dresser. We called him the doctor.

  • Hi Ann Someone gave me an exact machine ,i have in Vancouver
    Don,t know why my memory of the sewing needle and finger

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  • I have that same feeling, I think I wrote it in my book. It must have been be gruesome with the needle sticking in her finger. Margaret remembered it.

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  • My late mom also got one.

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  • Ann Chin
    , I want to tell you a little story of the sawing machine. My grand father's only sis we called her 'ku po'. One day she was sawing something at our house and the machine needle poked through her finger, broken went I noticed it I immediately …
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  • U should have been a Doctor. I blog it.

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