Sunday, November 23, 2008

All things Kiwi

My American and British readers asked what Kia Ora meant, because to them, it is an orange drink.

Kia ora, Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou,
This means greetings to you all and I trust you are well.

The news reader on TV usually greets the viewers with the above. Maori is an official language in New Zealand, and the children learn some Maori in school. At school assembly, we say the greetings in Maori.

It is interesting that Kia ora is a drink in the UK, I asked some Kiwi kids, and they didn't know about this drink. perhaps it is not popular here.

I suppose it is the same as Kiwi wax. Many people think that it is from Australia. I once read a book, and it mentioned about this Kiwi wax from Australia. I discussed this with my Aussie friends. They boasted, the Kiwi is just a little version of their Emu, both are flightless birds. Just as Australia is bigger than New Zealand, so it is just natural that people know more about the big country OZ. In fact, some even consider the little groups of islands across the ditch, one of their states.

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