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Beware of Cheap Cosmetic Surgery

Beware of Cheap Cosmetic Surgery

Phyllis smiled to herself. She held a glossy brochure. She was going to keep the contents of it a secret from the girls at work. She had been planning an overseas holiday with her newly met prince charming. When she returned, she would be a transformed person. With a complete make-over, she would be awed by these bitchy girls. Serve them right for being so horrible to her.

Poor plain Jane Phyllis was a gangling teenager, who grew up to be a lanky tall skinny woman. Her boobs were so small that the girls at work often teased her to be a wash board. The cruel ones even insinuate that she was a lesbian. Poor Phyllis, she grew up never been kissed and needless to say, never held the hand of a man.

Her divorced mother Rosy, did not help either. Rosy poisoned Phyllis against men.

“No man can be trusted,” she told Phyllis. “While I was still breastfeeding you, your rat bag father went off with the floozy who worked in the pub.”

Rosy sheltered Phyllis and demanded Phyllis to be home in the evening even when Phyllis started working. The only holidays they took was up north to spend Christmas holidays with Rosy’s sister and her brood. Aunt Pat had a bach near the sea. Her cousins were like dolphins, swimming and splashing in the surf. Phyllis would never join them claiming that the sun gave her a headache. In fact, she was worried that her cousins would laugh at her flat chest when she wore her togs. In Intermediate School, she had been teased by insensitive girls.

After school, Phyllis went to a vocational school and trained as a receptionist. However, because of her physique and insecurity, no corporation would give her a job as a receptionist. One personnel manager Sandy offered her a job as a copy typist. As beggars can’t be choosers, Phyllis accepted the job and promised Sandy that she would make the best copy typist Sandy had ever employed.

True to her words, Phyllis was the best employee in the typing pool. The managers she typed for praised her for her speedy and accurate typing. The girls in the typing pool made used of her and frequently asking her to do their typing. Phyllis obliged them even though she was taken advantaged of. On Friday, the girls went for a drink, Phylis was never invited. It was just as well because Rosy expected Phyllis to be home to cook her tea.

When Phyllis was thirty five, sixty five year old Rosy was afflicted old people’s disease, Alzheimer's disease. She walked to the corner dairy to get a bottle of milk. Rosy became confused and walked round and round the block, crossing the roads without looking. A car driven by a newly licensed young man ploughed into her. Several people in the neighborhood heard a car "going great guns" and "hoofing it" along their road at about 2.30pm, followed by a loud thud and then speeding sound.

Rosy was a victim of hit and run. She died instantly. Phyllis cried bitterly. She had no chance to say good bye. Rosy was the only person in the world who loved her and care for her. Only Aunt Pat came for the funeral and burial. She came back to the house to help pack Rosy’s things away. Phyllis stopped her.

“Phyllis, this house is too big for you, you are just wasting good rental money on a house you don’t need.”

“No, Aunt Pat, this house is my only link with Mum, there are too many things and memories here.”

“Suit yourself, I wish you would change your mind, I can’t come down again to help you pack when you decide to move.”

Sandy told Phyllis to take as much time off as she needed. She even suggested Phyllis go away for a while, perhaps to her Aunt Pat’s place in the north. Phyllis declined and came back to work after taking just three days off. She buried herself at work. At home, she couldn’t bear to go to the kitchen and cook tea. She just sat near to Rosy’s favorite arm chair, held her photo album. There were no tears. She just sat until it was time to sleep. Some days, she slept in her day clothes and went to work the next day in the same clothes.

Her managers found her work slipping. They complained to her supervisor who reported to Sandy.

“Give her some time, she just lost her mother,” Sandy argued on her behalf.

“Time? How much time? It’s been four months already.”

“Alright, I will give her a talk.”

The talk did not help, Phyllis lied to Sandy that things were fine.

“Remember, my door is always open for you.”

A bombshell dropped, Phyllis typed one digit less on a contract. The company incurred a great loss. The director of the corporation gave Sandy an ultimatum to do something about Phyllis.

Sandy spoke with Phyllis, and found out she wasn’t sleeping nor eating. Sandy drove Phyllis home and found she had made Rosy’s room a shrine. There were candles all over Rosy’s room, and on the mantelpiece. Phyllis was also going to Rosy’s grave everyday after work even though it was freezing cold in winter. Sandy coaxed Phyllis to give her the telephone number of Aunt Pat.

Two days later, when Aunt Pat arrived, Sandy had a good discussion with her. The two well meaning ladies arranged for an appointment with a psychiatrist. He put Phyllis on medication for her depression, and Aunt Pat took her home in the north.

Aunt Pat persuaded Phyllis to move out of the house that Rosy had rented for more than thirty years.

“Why do you need a two bedroom house all by yourself.”

“I have lived in the house all my life.”

“Think of all the money you save if you move to a smaller place, you can go on an overseas holiday.”

The medication started to work, and Phyllis started to see reason. She went back to the city and started work. She moved to a one furnished bedroom apartment. Aunt Pat came down to help her pack. They kept a few things of Rosy for momento sake. The rest of the old furniture and clothing went to the Salvation Army's family stores. Her supervisor was happier with her work though she still had to double check her work.

Not long after she moved in her apartment, one of six in the block, she saw this handsome guy parking his Ford Falcon next to her Nissan Sunny.

“Hi, I am Stewart, I see that you have moved in next to my apartment.”

“Hi, I am Phyllis, I have just moved in.”

After small talk, they move disappeared into their own apartments. Before Phyllis could change into her home clothes, there was a knock on the door. It was Stewart with a bottle of wine and two champagne flutes in his hand.

“Here, to officially welcome my beautiful neighbor.”

Phyllis blushed, nobody had told her that she was beautiful before.

“Oh, please come in.”

Stewart popped the bottle and poured the wine into the two champagne flutes.

“It is not champagne, but this white wine is very good.”

They both sat on the sofa talking about themselves. Stewart told Phyllis that he was a marketing executive which required him to travel overseas frequently. Phyllis told Stewart her sad boring and lonely life. The courting went on for a week. Phyllis brightened up and couldn’t wait to rush home to be with Stewart.

Phyllis was besotted by Stewart’s attention. She was drunk in infatuation with him.

“He must be a good man since he stays at home every night.”

By the end of the week, Phyllis allowed Stewart to touch her, and kiss her on the lips. Then she let him lead her to the bedroom. When he started to strip her, she froze.

“What’s wrong? Phyllis?”

Phyllis held on to her top tightly.

“I can’t!”


“I haven’t got a beautiful body.”

“Let me see, I will be the judge.”

Phyllis relaxed and let Stewart remove her top, he kept quiet. She started to cry.

“Stop crying, put back your top, and stay here.”

Phyllis thought he was gone. Instead he was back in a shot. He has a glossy brochure.

“Look, Phyllis, men like voluptuous woman. I love you, but I can’t have sex with you with your chest like a man.”

“I thought you were different.”

“Men are men, all men are alike. They like women with big breasts. Here, I have something to help you.”

In Stewart’s hand was a glossy brochure from a hospital in Bangkok.

“I am the marketing executive for this hospital. They do all sorts of cosmetic and plastic surgery at a discounted price. They have excellent surgeons, and five-star accommodation.”

Phyllis flipped through the brochure and read how a breast enhancement surgery would enrich a woman’s life.

“See, you can get an implant and change your non existent breast to a size D.”

“I don’t have much money.”

“You don’t need a lot, it is much cheaper than if you do it at home.”

“It’s so tempting.”

“You won’t regret it!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, and as an added bonus, I will go with you a week in advance of the surgery, we can have a good holiday.”

Stewart laid Phyllis on her bed with her top on. He imagined her to be a porn actress as he took advantage of her, physically, mentally and financially. He knew he had to do this as he had done to numerous lonely and insecure women to get his commission and holiday in Bangkok.

Part Two

Stewart moved in to Phyllis' apartment and was very lovey dovey towards Phyllis while they waited for her visa to enter Thailand. Phyllis was as excited as a child. She had never been on a plane, or been overseas. Stewart arranged for all her flight arrangement and hospitalisation.

Phyllis was very naive that Stewart was her boyfriend because of all the attention he was showering on her. She was so happy and smiling to herself. Her supervisor told Sandy that Phyllis appeared to have snapped out of her depression. When Phyllis applied for two weeks leave for her overseas holiday, Sandy was very happy to grant it to her.

As Phyllis and Stewart went to the bank to withdraw twenty five thousand dollars to pay for the procedure, Stewart kissed her.

"You won't regret this, your life will be completely changed and you will have so much fun after this."

"Thanks, Stewart. I wish I met you years ago," Phyllis kissed him back.

Phyllis felt like a fairy princess with her prince charming. In the plane, Stewart ordered wine for her, and he lifted the armrest of the seat so Phyllis could cuddle into him.

They arrived at Bangkok International airport, and the hospital sent a courtesy car to send them directly to the hospital. Phyllis checked in to what appeared to Phyllis a five star hotel suite.

“Change of plans, you will have your enhancement procedure day after tomorrow.”

“What about our holidays?”

“The hospital is very busy, they can only do it at this time, or you have to wait for a month. I see you tomorrow.”

“Oh dear, I really wanted to tour Bangkok.”

"Have a good bath to soothe you after the long flight, tomorrow I will accompany you to your pre-op appointment."

"You are not staying with me?"

"Sorry! Phyllis, hospital rules."

For the first time since Stewart brought up the topic of her breast enhancement, Phyllis felt jittery.

"Stewart, I am scared, anything can happen during the surgery."

"Don't be, women have this kind of procedure all the time. It is one hundred percent safe. I will ring for the nurse to get you something to calm down your nerves so you can sleep."

“I am nurse Jeab, I will be your attending nurse during your entire stay here,” said the little petite Thai nurse.

After a long hot bath, Phyllis took a little pill Nurse Jeab brought her. She sat on the bed and surf the many television channels. She flicked over one channel to another, not paying much attention to what was on the screen. At last the sleeping pill took its effect and Phyllis fell asleep.

The next morning, after a continental breakfast, Phyllis sat anxiously waiting for Stewart. She changed into a summer dress and carefully applied her makeup.

At ten am, Stewart came into the room.

"I am taking you to the pre-op appointment."

They went down the elevator to what seemed to Phyllis was a very ultra modern hospital.

"I always thought Thailand was a slum."

"Trust me, I told you I will have the best for my princess."

At the pre-op session, the plastic surgeon Dr Chanika showed Phyllis power point pictures of many before and after women's chests. Without further persuasion, Phyllis signed her contract for the procedure.

Stewart told Phyllis, “Honey, I have business to run. You will have plenty to do while you wait for your surgery tomorrow.”

Stewart arranged for Phyllis to have a Thai massage, a manicure and a pedicure to while the day away. Phyllis felt so pampered and pretended to be a socialite leading the life of the rich and famous. The nurses and beauty therapist definitely treated her like a rich lady.

The next morning, Phyllis was prepped for her surgery. She wished Stewart was there with her, but she understood that he had work to do. When she woke up, her chest was burning. She was bandaged up and she felt groggy. She was in a private hospital room with a nurse.

“You are awake, your surgery went very well. Try not to move too much, otherwise you will feel very sore,” advised the nurse.

“Where is Stewart?”

“Oh! Stewart, he left word at the receptions that he has business meetings to attend to and will come to see you as soon as he is free.”

Three days in the hospital room, and still having a sore chest, Phyllis was moved up to her five star hotel room.

“You will be more comfortable in the hotel room. We will come for you in a wheel chair to the treatment room to change your dressing,” her attending nurse told Phyllis.

After a week of recuperation, Dr. Chanika told Phyllis, “Your augmentation mammoplasty is a great success. Look in the mirror. You are now a size D.”

Phyllis looked excitedly at the mirror, then she looked down at her breasts. Yes, she could see two lumps, but they were very swollen and bruised. She was still feeling very sore despite the pain killers Nurse Jeab had been giving her.

Dr. Chanika saw Phyllis reaction, “Don’t worry, you had undergone a major procedure. Your chest is bound to be tender for a while, and the bruise will go way.”

The next day, Phyllis was scheduled to fly home. Nurse Jeab packed her baggage and changed her dressing for the last time. Phyllis had grown very fond of Nurse Jeab who had treated her so gently and decided to give her a tip of one hundred badt.

Stewart was no where in sight. He left a message that he had another business meeting at Phuket. He would see Phyllis when he got home.

The hospital courtesy car took Phyllis to the airport.

In the plane, Phyllis wished Stewart was with her like the flight to Bangkok. Her chest was very sore and she felt nauseous.

The air stewardess asked, “Are you alright? You don’t look too good?”

Phyllis took a taxi and went back to her little apartment. It looked so bare without Stewart and his things. She went straight to bed. Her chest was not only sore, she couldn’t lift her arms. Her two wounds where the implants were inserted into her breasts were throbbing with pain. She took double a dose of pain killers and sleeping pills and tried to sleep the pain away. The pain was excruciating, Phyllis didn't sleep a wink.

The next day, Phyllis ran a fever. The wounds were wet and weepy. Phyllis could see pus oozing from the cuts. She made an urgent appointment with her general practitioner. He was horrified with the malpractice that Phyllis was subjected to.

The general practitioner declared, “They are butchers, they should be put to prison.”

Phyllis was in no position to go to the hospital. The general practitioner arranged for his nurse to drive Phyllis to the Accident & Emergency of the hospital.

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