Thursday, November 20, 2008

Having fun

I made a pair of dark green plastic leggings for D so she can sing in the rain. Teamed with a raincoat and gumboots aka wellington, she splashed away happily when our drive was flooded in the winter. My neighbours B were very good neighbours. They are from Yugoslavia and have come to New Zealand for many year, working with Kauri trees.

The other, my very brave daughter plays with a wallaby when she visited Gold Coast, Australia.

She plays her her sister G with a game what we named as being an astronaut. Besides bouncing on it, we also swing her. In summer, we hung it up an English Oak tree in the garden.

In the garden she and I had great memories. I made that soft doll. She had fun playing, and I had fun making it. I made two, a brown Maori one, and a white Pakeha (White). It wore D's old clothes. We often have our toys and teddy bears' picnic.

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