Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drug addiction.

Drug addiction.

Candice grew up as a beautiful child model. Her mum Alison was an agent for models and she got Candice the best jobs. Alison had a string of lovers and Candice never knew who her dad was. She might not have inherited anything material from him, but she inherited the best of his DNA, blond and blue eyes. Candice by the age of sixteen was five foot eleven, and had peaches and cream complexion. She wowed her audience whenever she walked the cat walk.

It was an open secret that models were into drugs. Alison had exposed Candice to the P or methamphetamine drug. It used to be the drug used by anyone regardless of class, race, occupation or social standing.

Alison took Candice to her parties to meet sponsors, photographers, magazine editors, and television celebrities. To Alison, it was a public relations exercise, and the more exposure there was, the better it was for Candice. At those parties, drug and alcohol were freely available. Nobody bet an eye when Candice helped herself to the drugs and booze. They saw it as a social thing, nobody was an addict.

Candice was earning big bucks from her jobs. She was also getting involved with the seedy people associated with modeling. The P drug was losing it's allure with the middle class, but the young were still using the drug.

While she inherited the tall DNA from her dad, she unfortunately inherited the fat DNA from her mum. At seventeen, Candice entered the world of bulimia and anorexia. She felt that her hips were putting on fat and she was getting fat. The P sustained her, and she didn't feel the need to eat. She used more and more drugs and she was looking like a walking skeleton.

Alison tried to persuade Candice to stop using P and to eat.

Candice shouted," It was you who introduced me to P, and it was you who gave me the fat genes."

In a huff, Candice moved out of Alison's apartment and moved in with another model. There she had the freedom of more P and less eating. Unfortunately, it also meant that she didn't have Alison to help her get jobs.

She didn't care, with her new found freedom, like a gaggle of scantily-clad barely eighteen blond friends, they would go pub-crawling, become binge drinkers and go with who ever who promise them P when they left the pub. They were known to be the promiscuous teeny-boppers. They were using P so much that they had become addicted before they knew it, or owned up to this fact.

To feed her habit, she became a receiver of stolen goods and a stored the P that her flat-mate’s boyfriend had been cooking in his P lab. One day, while she was still doped with P from the party the night before, there was a knock on the door. In her dopey state of mind, she opened her front door. It was the police investigating reports of stolen lap tops, VCD players, digital cameras and expensive Rolax watches. The police searched the apartment, and found canisters of P hidden under the beds.

The police arrested Candice, her flat-mate and her boyfriend. They found that she was addicted to P and were order to go for rehabilitation before she could go to court.

It was sensational as she was once upon a time, a very promising child model. It was tragic that P had led her to a path of ruin.

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