Thursday, November 13, 2008


I don't consider myself old. I have just past half a century. I shudder because three of my classmates have died.

This was an eulogy I wrote for a guy friend. I was in Singapore when he died in Sibu suddenly, the town I grew up in. I flew to Sibu to pay my respects to his wife.

This eulogy is also on another site.

17 May 2001

I shuddered at the sad news of Siau Chung.
People don't die at 47 or 48...
I remember him as one of the Sylvester boys.
I remember him, sitting behind me at Lower 6, his joke Slaughtering chicken without the need of a Cattle knife, cos he got a 1 in Form 5 history.
I remember bidding him farewell and good luck when he got a scholarship to study overseas.
I remember feeling really sad because we just started being very good friends.
I remember joking at his Botak aka bald head during the Reunion.
I remember joking at both of us having the youngest children among us.
And now, he is gone.
Yet, death where art thy Sting?
I hope our early years at Methodist School would have given us a strong foundation of our Faith. So that at the moment when Death knocks at our door, we can smile and know that we are returning to our Father in heaven.

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