Monday, November 10, 2008

Hedge hogs

I am in mourning, everyday for the last three mornings, a pair of hedgehogs attempted to cross my road. They were victims of road kill, flattened like crumpets and with the help of a few sea gulls, they ended up in hedgehog heaven.

This story was the inspiration I got from seeing a hedgehog walking along the foot path last year. I guess it is my eulogy for them. Goodbye my hedghogs.

Tommy the Hedgehog.

Tommy was purring softly and whistling in his sleep. He had just finished his week's long project to win "The Best Teachers' day card," competition with the first prize, a trip to Disneyland Paris for a family of four. Tommy was snoring, huffing, chirping and couldn't wait to go to school with his entry. He was dreaming of his Dad driving their little mini at the Eurotunnel Crossings.

"Wait a minute, it's for a family of four," Tommy thought to himself.

They were a family of five. Tommy decided his quarrelsome and busybody sister Susan would have to stay at home with their neighbour next door, while Mum, Dad, baby Helen and himself will have a whole fun weekend in Disneyland Paris.

Tommy came downstairs happily snuffling the dining table where he had left his most important document of his life. He had deliberately left his winning Teachers' day card on the table so he won't forget it when he went to school. His mum had warned him a hundred and one times not to forget his homework.

Susan had just left the table with her school lunch.

"MUM! MUM! See what Susan had done?"

"Sorry, Tommy, I can't hear you from the baby's room."

"MUM! MUM! Susan's evil, she deliberately ruined my card."

"I didn't, it was an accident, my juice split when I reached over to get my toast."

Puffing, and snorting and sneezing, angry with Mum that she didn't rush to his rescue when it was a matter of life and death. Tommy turned to Dad.


But Dad was doing his Luciano Pavarotti repertoire in the bathroom, and couldn't hear Tommy's screaming.

"My life's ruin, my one chance to go to Disneyland Paris is kaput, all because Susan was jealous that she couldn't go and she decided to sabotage my chance."

"Get a life!" sneered Susan.

"Nobody loves me, Nobody loves me, I am leaving home."

Tommy went out of the door, sat on the door steps and waited for someone to plead with him not to go.

"I am really leaving, I am going somewhere where I will be appreciated."

Tommy slammed the door and waited for Mum, but she probably was still busy with baby Helen. She was always spending ages preening Helen's quill. Tommy waited at the corner of the garden. The gate seemed enormous to a five year old hedgehog who had just started school. It seemed forever, Tommy was hungry, his tummy was growling for breakfast. He crept out to the gate, the neighbour's ferocious tabby cat was there waiting to pounce on him. It was hissing and spitting at him. From Tommy's angle, she looked like a cheetah.

"I will just wait for another day before I run away." Tommy crept quietly back to the house.

"So you decided to come back! MUM! TOMMY'S HOME," Susan jeered.

"Sisters, why do I have to have sisters. Why can't I have brothers like Ken?"

"Good to see you, Tommy. Remember to have your breakfast before you run away next time."

"Sorry, Tommy, it really was an accident. I didn't plan on spoiling your work."

"Tommy, you enjoyed yourself when you were working on the project, that is more important. Winning isn't everything."

"Ya! I probably would not have won, I had to compete with all the big primary school children, and I am only in year one."

"It is good if you can think that way, Dad and I will think of a way that all of us can go to Disneyland Paris."

"Thanks, Mum."

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lilly said...

What a beautiful story.