Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Island Boy

The Little Island Boy


My little student.
He comes to me for special sessions.
His name is Chunga.
He was born in Onehunga.
Miles away from Tonga in New Zealand.
He is a little Kiwi.
I guess his parents called him Chunga.
Lest he forgets his roots.

Lost in two different cultures,
He can be quite a firebrand.
He sports his hair like a fauxhawk.
He is very cute.
Chunga is a naughty boy.
He won’t sit still.
His twinkling eyes soften my heart.
He has a knack for getting into trouble.

I want to clout his ears.
I want to pinch his cherubic cheeks.
When he talks charmingly to me.
He makes me forgive his childish acts.
He melts my heart.
Out of the blue, he gives me a big hug.
By coincidence, I have another Tonga student.
His name is Sione.

One day, I told Chunga.
I tell Sione on you.
Why you know Sione?
I know Sione.

He tells me, Sione is his big brother.
Sione is in Balmoral School.
I can still get him.
I call his principal.

You know everyfing, he stated.
Yes, I know everything.
Sione beats me up.
Does he really?

Yes, but I no scared of him,
I beat him back.
We talk a lot about Sione.
I don’t let on that my Sione wasn’t his brother Sione.

Chunga got into trouble many times,
He kept calling a boy,
You Black,
You stupid,
Eventually I had to tell my deputy principal.

***The name Sione is very popular, it is the island version of John***

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