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Mail Order Bride, Chapter 8, Retribution


Two days later, the intercom buzzed at Matt’s gate. Damien answered.

It was Keita, “Damien, I dropped my earring the other day, my mum said she would kill me if I don’t find it.”

When the gate opened, it was Keita with her father Huatare and mum Heni. They stormed into the garden before Damien realized what was happening. Matt came out of the house,

“Hi Keita, you have bought your mum and dad?” asked Matt.

Huatare charged at Matt and punched Matt’s face,

“This one is for my Keita,” he pummeled again,

“This one is for Katie,” Huatare kidney punched Matt.

“This one is for Jan,” Matt’s nose bled and he fell to the floor,

Huatare karate kicked Matt with a flying kick in the groin, “This one is for Keita’s mum, Heni”

He kicked him in the stomach, “This one is for Nina,”

Huatare was a gladiator, boxing the defenseless Matt. He went in a frenzy and kept kicking him in the groin again and again and again, “These ones are for all the little girls whose lives you have ruined.”

Heni told him, “Stop Huatare, that’s enough, you are going to kill him.”

Huatare used to be a karate practitioner, he knew that karate was not meant to be for fighting. But no body would blame him for this.

Huatare spat on Matt, in the face, “You made me a laughing stock when my mates saw my sweet innocent Keita in those bloody dirty pictures in the internet. I was so ashamed when they told me that my Keita has become an international child porn star and a prostitute.”

“I waited the whole evening to get even with you, you scum.”

Katie’s mum and dad had gone over to Isabella and to give her a hiding. Katie’s mum yanked her long black hair. Her dad punched her face into pulp. “I don’t hit woman, but you are no woman. You are from the devil.”

There were no witnesses to Matt’s and Isabella’s beatings, Keita’s dad, Katie’s mum and dad got off scott free. In fact, they were hailed as heroes.

Jan’s father came in the police car. Matt was in no hurry to go any where. The police were too late, Matt was so beaten up so badly that he had to go to the hospital, and was charged for his crimes lying on a hospital bed with sheets of his favourite colour. Policemen were posted outside his private room to prevent any other angry fathers from beating him to death. His face was "beaten to a pulp" and many of his teeth were left behind at the drive way leaving him a toothless gum.

Keita’s father was too spent beating up Matt that he left Damien alone. Damien, the fairy did not need beating up, he felt his legs going wobbly, and then they were hot and wet. He had pissed his pants like a baby. The police handcuffed Damien and took him to the station.

In the police station, the police found he was wearing a sexy red lacy woman’s lingerie panty.

“The disgusting faggot, the little twerp with a dainty voice, he peed and shat his pants. The pansy wore mascara and propositioned me, blowing me a disgusting kiss,” said the police officer in charge.

They charged Damien for pimping while masquerading as a modeling agent and charged him for being accessory to the hideous crime.

They rounded up Scott; besides charging him for being an accessory to the Matt’s heinous crime, they also found him to be a photographer for an adult pornography ring. Though the latter was not illegal in New Zealand, it was not something he wanted known.

The detectives described the case as very unusual because the alleged rape and child pornography was an on-going affair, raising suspicions of stupefaction, or drink spiking. A thorough investigation of his house revealed that Matt had a big stash of ketamine. Ketamine is commonly known as a date drug or vitamin K. It has hypnotic abilities and induces sleep. Victims of ketamine often wake up not knowing what had happened.

The media circus came out in full force.

“Auckland residents solve Child pornography ring.”

There was a proud Huatare’s photo. He didn’t care about name suppression for Keita. After all, she was already seen probably by millions. He was mighty proud that he caught the bugger and wished he had killed the bastard. “My name is Huatare, a chief, I am Huatare, a chief and a hero.”

“Mail order bride, partner in crime,” for the third time in her short stay in New Zealand, Isabella became the public enemy number one.

“Sex predator caught and formally charged for rape and indecently assaulting twelve year old lonely and vulnerable school girls.”

“Peadophile charged for making grossly indecent child pornography and marketing them on the internet.”

“Auckland’s richest suburb used as child pornography hub.”

“Helpless young girls exploited sexually.”

“Huge public outpour of anger and suggested retribution.”

Matt’s neighbour from the house on the left was interviewed, “It’s hard to believe that anyone could be so brazen, this has been going on for two years. He’s been right under our nose the whole time. I see them frolicking in their pool from my upstairs window, I see them going out in his car. I just thought he was going out with the older woman. We always wonder where he got his riches. Never in our wildest imagination……. that he was a Lolita-loving pervert.”

“Police seek cooperation with Interpol, African-American porn star from Hollywood accused of making child pornography.”

“Was it Emma, or is it Isabella?” Photos of before and after were printed and screened.

The talkback shows were busy. Should Isabella be deported for entering New Zealand under false pretenses? The phone calls echoed a torrent of public indignation with the Immigration Department.

Jericho got his five minutes of fame on TV, and on talk back radio. He brought his proof that Emma was Isabella. He kept all the news paper cuttings.

“Why are you doing this, Jericho? The media asked.

Sixty year old Jericho appeared on camera with an exasperated look on his face and lambasted, “This is no salacious gossip. I am doing this for my late friend Gilbert. Isabella cheated Gilbert over and over again. He was so naïve and refused to believe me when I told him that she was bringing men home when he was traveling. She must have cast a Filipino voodoo on him and blinded his brains and eyes.”

“What’s the point of bringing this up?” asked the Dominion Newspaper reporter?

“If I don’t do this, Gilbert will rock in his grave and won’t rest. The shameless woman tortured and killed my mate of fifty years. I am bloody cheesed off: I could not do a thing when she left her kid at home every night while she went out with a boy friend young enough to be her son. A sweet innocent child I know very well has her future ruined, all because of her evilness. She is a harbinger of bad news. Innocent men died because of her. How many victims are there we are not to know. Isabella deserves to rot in jail.”

Graffiti was scrawled all over Isabella’s wall. “Bitch, mail order bride go to hell.” Beer bottles were thrown in the front yard, shards of glass and rubbish were strew all over.

Isabella attracted the attention of the Australian Press. The Aussie journalists following the Kiwi news came out with their own headlines, “Isabella, a suspected recalcitrant mail order bride.” “Isabella, thrice Filipino mail-order bride flirting with danger again, once too often. Now lands her self in prison in New Zealand.” Apparently Isabella was in this cheating scam in Australia before she came to New Zealand, cleaning out innocent middle aged men on the rebound of their emotion and their money.

Two of her ex Aussie husbands came forward saying they were duped by this serial con woman under the guise of Desdemona and Bedesha. They were snared by her for being gullible and love sick.

Recently widowed at fifty-five, rich businessman Isaac was introduced to the Mail Order Bride website after he confided to his friend that he was lonely. Desdemona was matched to be his ideal bride as a young beautiful twenty years old. But when she came, she was more than thirty years old, and in time, she was two timing him with young useless Aussie bums. When she got her permanent residence, she divorced him, got a big chunk of his money and she was seen with a Filipino man shortly after.

Aussie husband number two Jerry’s sad story was a carbon copy of Gilbert’s. It was a whirlwind romance of one week.

“I couldn’t believe my luck that Bedesha would be interested in an ordinary working bloke like me. We were in a pub when she slithered up to me. She told me that she needed a place to stay and spun a web of lies about her life of how she was promised a job in Australia, but got cheated. I invited her home to stay in my spare room because she couldn’t afford a place to stay. Once inside the house, she teased me with racy lacy black lingerie and dirty jokes and told me she fell in love with me on first sight. I fell into her trap and slept with her.”

“Then she wanted to make our relationship permanent and asked me to marry her, I was so blindly in love for the first time in my fifty years, so I happily went to register our wedding.”

“Her true colours were revealed when she said it was my fault that I couldn’t perform in bed, and I shouldn’t blame her when she went out with men. She is the biggest fraudster I have ever known, openly making me a cuckold and making me believe that it was my fault.”

“I thank my lucky stars that I woke up in time to divorce her, unlike the two unlucky kiwi blokes Norman and Gilbert. The Immigrations Department deported her.”

Francis and Ruth, the children of the late Fred, came to New Zealand. Now in their twenties, the news of Emma, Isabella or Moira evoked painful memories when they were in their early teens when Moira was their evil step mother. Their mother Gwen was killed in a tragic accident when Francis was nine, and Ruth was eight. To help him with running the home and caring for these pre teens, Fred was introduced by a friend to try finding a wife from the Mail Order Bride website. Fred spent all his savings, which was no small fortune, for a builder, to get Moira over from the Philippines.

Shortly after the wedding, Moira hoodwinked Fred into adopting her own Filipino son aged 11 and daughter aged 13. That was the beginning of a big disaster in the family. It was not just step-sibling rivalry, but step mother bias and rivalry. She told all sorts of lies to Fred and with-held food from the children and hurled verbal abuse. Initially Fred was caught in the middle, but soon sided with Moira. Moira was very smart not to inflict any physical abuse because this could be used against her.

In the end, Fred packed Francis and Ruth to the outback where their maternal aunt Pat had a sheep farm. Here Pat gave them love and a home. Within a short time, Fred who had been as strong as a bull collapsed and died of a massive heart attack. He had no history of coronary thrombosis. The neighbors suspected that he was sent to his early grave by the evil woman from Philippines who didn’t behave like his wife but had men visiting her whenever Fred was away at work. She had both white men and Filipino men visiting. Of late, there was a lot of loud quarrelling and banging and fights. Fred stopped going to the pub with his mates.

In his will, Fred left his house to Moira, and some ten thousand dollars of savings to be split five ways. As the house was a family home that belonged to Fred’s father, Francis and Ruth wanted to contest the will.

Their aunt Pat advised against it, “It is not worth it, the lawyers will tear you to bits and in the end, you will get chicken feed if you win after deducting the lawyers’ fees.”

Moira disappeared, but her Filipino children are still living in their family home. These two people are not related to the family got to stay in the house through a scheming mother.

Francis and Ruth came to Isabella’s court case everyday. Francis egged Isabella as she was entering the court house. It splattered on her shoulder. The spectators cheered, they wished they too had thought of that.

The journalists asked, “Are you sure that your Moira is Isabella or Emma?”

“Of course, I can recognize her a mile away,” replied Francis.

“I still have nightmares of her voice, I think she is a witch who casts spells. That was why my Dad believed everything she told him,” added Ruth.

“Are you satisfied with the judgement?”

“What happens to her in New Zealand doesn’t affect us, we just want our family home returned to us. Can you help us?”

The police found out that Matt had cast Christine into two characters: sex bloggers twelve-year old ‘Charlotte’ and eighteen year old ‘Maxine’. ‘Charlotte’ and ‘Maxine’ were filmed sitting in various anonymous ‘hotel rooms.’ The storylines were a lonely girl’s bedroom diary, giving their true confessions and discussing intimate details of their sex lives. In Matt’s locked safe, they found tele-prompters prompting Christine and teaching her to act out her raw, unfiltered vivid imagination of her online diary. She caressed the insides of her thighs, shaved her legs and armpits, some times taking off Muslim burgas and tudungs which made men go wild while seeing her strip. With racy tidbits and lurid testimonies about spanking, handcuffs, man in speedos, naked men, talking dirty and sugar daddies. She was sending a kind of feeding frenzy to the dirty men out there in cyber space. Matt had installed hidden cameras all over his house, including the bath room.

In his defense, Matt said that it was never his intension to make Christine become an infamous actress. Christine herself wanted the glamour and accolade and the fame as a lead actor. Christine may be twelve years old, but she was very mature in her thinking. After a few sessions even without katemine, Christine offered to act out the thrills of confessing sexual relationships with five grown up men. The performance snowballed to such an extreme that he couldn’t hold it back. In this information age, he was getting so many hits that distribution went beyond his intended audience. His data was easily copied online where a million people could find, it spread like wild fire, something beyond his control.

Matt stood in front of the judge looking impassively through the hour-long sentencing. “You have been found a pedophile now, and you have always been one, you ruined the future of many girls, and you ruined the reputation of many families. You were a Svengali and wolf in sheep’s skin that preyed on innocent girls. I sentence you to thirty five years jail term: by the time you are eligible for parole, you will be seventy years old.”

Talk back listeners called radio DJs with the same common theme, “They should lock him up and throw away the key.”

Child pornographers and pedophiles do not fare well in prison. They are the lowest of all scum. Matt was given a welcoming committee organized by the prisoners when he was imprisoned. “You better watch your back every day. Justice here is swift and brutal. You might as well resign yourself to death.” A messenger from the king-pin warned him.

Matt was beaten up so often and sent to the prison’s health unit. Nobody talked; nobody saw anything.

After umpteenth time in the health unit, he quite enjoyed his peace in the clinic, at least he was safe.

One day, the king-pin and four of other immates cornered him with a mop. They became his judge and executioners. The four juniors spread him like an eagle, and the king pin shove the mop handle up his arse a few times,

“How do you like it mate? That how a virgin girl feels when you ram your prick into her.” The king pin yelled into his ear and punched his chin and spat at his face. Each of the vigilante troopers stomped on his head when they took their leave of absence. Nobody saw nothing, nobody heard nothing.

They ruptured his rectum, and left him bleeding. When the prison guards found him, he had fainted and was lying on a pool of blood.

Matt refused to leave the health unit. The nurse was afraid that he would be suicidal if they forced him back, he arranged for the prison therapist to talk to him.

For the first time, Matt spoke about himself. Matt wasn’t Matt as everyone thought he was. Matt was born Amanda or Mandy. Mandy always felt she was a boy trapped in a girl’s body. In school, they called her a tomboy. Angered over her sexual orientation, she was victim of years of loneliness and unhappiness. She was a very sensitive girl and she liked straight girls but they laughed and teased her.

Amanda was told that with androderm testosterone patches and shots from the black market, she did not require any operation to become a man. The transition period was terrible, her voice was still a young boy’s cracking when she spoke. A grown woman laughed at his lack of confidence and that was why he was repulsed with older women.

Amanda had her sex change done in Thailand and she became Matt, a female-to-male transsexual. The total cost of operation was more than $70,000 and the hotel rates were humongous. She had a double mastectomy and lower surgery on her genitalia with silicon balls inserted. She needed such a lot of money for the surgery which she didn’t have so she borrowed a lot of money from an underground loan shark. The loan shark hounded him to pay his loan and as a last resort, he turned to internet child pornography.

As Matt, he felt inadequate when a woman he picked up from the pub checked in with him in a motel but sarcastically laughed, “Get off my face, you are not a real man.”

Then she robbed him of his cash, gold watch and chunky gold necklace and bracelet. Matt went to Thailand again to have another surgery to perfect his transformation to become a man. The surgery was a physical success according to the Thai Doctors, but it did not remove his mental inadequacies. He wasn’t comfortable and confident with grown women. That was why he became a sexual predator of young girls.

Pissed off with grown women, Matt became an “internet groomer” and used the internet chatroom and texted under-aged girls. After gaining their confidence, he arranged to meet with them. Sometimes the girls were very young and he lured them to satisfy his seditious desires. The child pornography idea came very naturally to pay his debt and some of the girls enjoyed watching themselves on the television screen.

Matt met Damien in a bar. Damien mistook Matt to be gay and approached him. Matt told Damien his predicament and Damien offered a partnership. Damien would scout for young girls on the pretext of arranging for them to meet a sponsor for a modeling job. The rest was history.

After his short stint in the health clinic, Matt had to be incarcerated in solitary confinement for his own safety. He was given a pack of cards to play solitaire.

Damien and Scott were darlings in the prison. Their pretty faces and willingness to oblige made them very popular harry hoofters. Well, almost: a fellow inmate came back from a medical test and found that he was inflicted with HIV. The rest of the inmates beat up the two faggots until they landed themselves in the prison health unit. Damien and Scott were tested HIV positive, they picked up the dreaded and deadly disease during their years of non-discretion in the modeling world.

Isabella didn’t fare any better. She gave all immigrants a bad name. She pretended to be in shock and acted strangely. She claimed she was dead against Christine’s modeling. She was found to be a conniving shrew of a mother. For greed and for money, she sold her twelve year old daughter into a scandal-shattered and vicious life. She made her daughter reviled and stigmatized. Isabella was addicted to alcohol and hence an unfit mother. She claimed to be a victim of tumultuous marriages when in fact Gilbert treated her very well. She could not feign mental sickness. Her greed was the author of her downfall. She was sent to prison. In prison, she received the same treatment as Matt. Isabella had to contend with the predatory and sadistic tactics of the lesbian prisoners.

The dyke-bitch chief asked, “You like men so much?” and inflicted terror on her.

The deputy chief added, “A woman who sells her daughter to a man deserves to die,” and raped Isabella.

Her judgers beat her up and warned eye witnesses, “You know nothing, you saw nothing and you say nothing.”

Many of the unfortunate young girls were identified and received counseling. The girls knew that what they had done was not something they wanted to go back and tell their mums about. Some families uprooted and moved down country. Others moved across to Australia. Each of the fathers had wished they were able to vent their anger like Huatare and punch Matt. An unidentified father was reported that he wished he had a machete and lopped a chunk off Matt’s head.

With the help of Interpol, the New Zealand police and the CID caught Pete in Los Angeles. He was also wanted for narcotics. He was found to have his own child pornography ring and methamphetamine labs. Pete was suspected for a long time to have been smuggling Mexican young girls across the border for his child pornographic and prostitution ring. He was also making them work in his drug labs. With Matt’s signed confession, evidence in his computer and his website of him and Christine’s naked sex romp in bed in Matt’s house, the LAPD had more than enough evidence to pin him down. They found young girls locked up in on of his drug houses, frightened and malnourished. The NZ legal system and the American legal system had to fight over him as to which country’s court should adjudicate him first. The Kiwi authorities argued that it was with their evidence that Pete was able to be nabbed. The Los Angeles prosecutor and the Los Angeles Department of Narcotics would not allow New Zealand to extradite Pete to New Zealand. His crimes in America far exceeded his crime in New Zealand.

The department of social welfare, CYF took over the care of young twelve-year old Christine. They placed her at foster care. Imelda was rejected as a potential adopted mother. She was too old to qualify to adopt Christine. People suspected it was because the media’s sensationalizing of mail order brides: Imelda was lumped together with all the rest and also stigmatized.

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