Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mail Order Bride, Glossary


CYF: child, youth and family is a New Zealand government agency that has legal powers to intervene to protect and help children who are being abused or neglected or who have problem behavior.

Bic Runga Bic is of Maori and Chinese parentage and is one of the highest-selling New Zealand artists and is successful internationally in Australia and the UK.

Debbie Maples Debbie is a New Zealand singer. Her look is described by some as a young Kate Bush and her sound a little like Katie Melua and Sarah McLachlan. She used to sing in funerals.

DPB Domestic Purposes Benefit paid to solo parents in New Zealand.

DSW Department of Social Welfare, New Zealand Government

fa'alavelave family events like funerals, accidents, problems and weddings etc in Samoan.

hangi a Māori way of cooking in a pit

hongi a traditional Māori greeting by pressing one's nose to another person.

Karate School at Wesley school is located at Sandringham Road, the two Sin Seis Leonard Kong and Johnny Ling represent New Zealand in Karate. At the WKF World Championships in Tampere, Finland, Johnny Ling passed his WKF Referee exams in 2006.

Karakia, prayers or incantations

Kumara a root vegetable commonly known as sweet potato

Lavalava a Polynesian traditional wrap-around skirt.

Mālō e lelei Hello in Tongan

Marae a Māori term for the enclosed space in front of a wharenui or meeting house
Pakeha a Māori term for a white person

Palangi a Polynesian term for a white person

Pokeko a New Zealand bird

Puha a New Zealand green vegetable grown wild

Radio Rhema is a New Zealand Christian radio station broadcasting a variety of discussion and music aimed at an active audience.

“Talofa, Hello in Samoan

Tangi, tangihanga embraces the Māori funeral rites accorded a person before the body is finally interred

Taro a root vegetable similar to yam

Tupapaku cadaver (body of the deceased person)

Waiata the song of chant

Whānau a Māori-language word for extended family.

Wharenui the main house or Marae.

Wharekai Dining area of a Marae

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