Monday, November 17, 2008

My Nose

My Nose

I am cursed with a gigantic nose.
It looks like the bump on top of a goose.
"Honk! honk!" the kids bullied.
Is there a face behind that ginormous nose.

Now I am grown, and things are no better.
The bitches at work make me so miserable.
Does the winter air freeze your insides.
You think they should know better.

I skim and save.
I google for plastic surgery.
A cosmetic surgeon will make me a perfect nose.
The bitches will be green with envy.

Alas! the surgeon won't take my money.
"Look at Barbra Streisand,
Her nose gives her face so much character.
Go, do a confidence course."

I have finished my course.
Goodbye to low self esteem.
I love my honker, it's me.
Who cares what the bitches think?

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