Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nadine, Chapter five

When Kim’s husband, Ah Fook came home and saw what a rotten brat was in the house, he commented, “You are spoiling her.”

Kim replied, “Chinese way: Other people’s children cannot discipline.”

Ah Fook retorted, “You stupid woman.”

This daily tug of war was getting Manchala and Kim down. There was never a tranquil moment if Nadine was in their houses. When the husbands Prem and Ah Fook came home from a busy day in the garden, Manchala and Kim felt more stressed out because they could not control Nadine and were worried that Prem and Ah Fook would stop them from caring for Nadine.

The crunch came when Nadine swore and called Ah Fook a “Chinkee” and rudely sang to him, “Ching Chong china man had to milk a cow
Ching Chong china man didn’t know how
Ching Chong china man was covered in shit”

To Manchala she cursed, “You Indian slut!!”

Manchala was absolutely shocked and gobsmacked. With tears in her eyes, “Nice girls don’t say things like this.”

“You cow! You are not my mum.”

Prem and Ah Fook said simultaneously in their own houses, as if they both were rehearsing and competing for the same role in a drama.

“Enough is enough! Nadine is not our child or our charge. You have been too kind to Patel and Chandra. It’s time they took up their own responsibility to bring Nadine up,”

Despite their husbands' displeasure, Manchala and Kim continued to keep a watchful eye on little Nadine, pitying Petal and his poor sick wife.

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