Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Some of my ESOL students are from the Pacifika aka known as Polynesian Islands, I go to the Annual Auckland Pacifika celebration in Western Springs, Auckland. It is reputed to be the biggest celebration of this kind.

Queen Salote was a queen of Tonga. There is a school in Tonga called Queen Salote College. My student came to school in a Queen Salote College tee shirt.

I told her, I knew about Queen Salote, and she asked how I knew. 8 year old Salote said her grandma named her after the queen. I told her she can be the queen in my room.

As a typical youngster, Salote tells me that the King of Tonga is very rich. When she goes to Tonga in the summer, she will go to visit the King.

I stood up, and did a courtsey, and asked if she would be greeting the King with one. No, we do it this way, and she did a gentle lady way.

Her friends from China and Iceland laughed.

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