Saturday, November 15, 2008

San Francisco's crooked Street

In 1977, I went to San Francisco to visit my Aunty Teresa. She took me to Lombard Street and told me that it was the crookiest road in the world.

Sometime in the 80s, Dunedin, a city in the South Island of New Zealand did their survey and challenged Lombard Street for her title. I was thinking it was happening all again, a small little flea challenging a giant. Back during the Prime Minister David Lange's time, New Zealand refused to let American Nuclear power come to NZ waters. We were known as the flea.

Last year, when my friend A. came to visit me, I drove her to Auckland university and by accident, we drove to a very crooked road. This is unknown because it is a small through through the middle of the park next the Justice building, and it didn't count because they blocked off the end of it. It required great skill to drive down the slope.

I emailed my siblings and Henry sent me this pix taken when he was in San Francisco.

***I left my heart behind in San Francisco for the Giant crab bought at the Fisherman wharf, the big strawberries in my aunty's garden and the artichokes at the market

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