Sunday, November 16, 2008

School Blitz 2,

More pix from the busy buzzy working bees on the School Blitz at Mt Albert Primary School by the Mt Albert Baptist Church.

Not only the adults worked, the children and teenagers were very busy working. Under pastor Wendy, the children had their own special project, planting in the vege garden on Sunday. On Saturday afternoon, the children cut and stapled strips of red and green plastic to put at the vege garden to scare birds away. It was fantastic as the children learned as well.

I take my hat off to teenager Thomas. Thomas helps me in the church creche, and he is very good with children. He worked some shifts baby sitting. Then he worked outside and had an accident and hurt his leg badly.

During the celebration at the end of all the hard work, we had a sausage sizzle. There were lots of food and fruit and ice popsicles. It was a chance to relax friends after two days of hard work.

***In one of the pix in the other post, our Senior Pastor Jonathan was playing with the electric drill cutting timber. I could tell he was having fun and he got to use his very new tool belt. And his very pregnant wife was there babysitting. She gave birth ten days later. What great commitment.***

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