Sunday, November 9, 2008

When a child is born

It's niece Jane's birthday this week. I will always remember when my niece Jane was born in Sarawak. I went with her parents and and my mum, her grandma to the nun's maternity clinic. We waited and waited and waited. Then when she was about to be born, my mum told me to go home. I was reluctant, it was like me running the marathon race, (waiting the whole evening) then not allowed to claim the prize ( staying to see Jane being born.) At that time, mum didn't think that I, as a single girl, should be allowed to witness the wonderful process of a baby being born.

Tomorrow, my friend R's third child will be born. We know he will definitely be born because she will be induced. She is actually dued on Wednesday, but because her first child was a still born, the doctors didn't want to take chances and want to take this baby out as soon as possible.

***The baby C was delivered safely. He is a big baby, an 8 pounder***

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Lily said...

very nice photo and very nice story. I think my Mum would have sent me home too, as I think back to my childhood.
Thanks for sharing