Sunday, November 28, 2010

save the world: ferns

by Amelia Langford of NZPA

Greymouth, Nov 27 NZPA - A Greymouth archdeacon has asked the Department of Conservation (DOC) to provide 50,000 "pieces of fern" for Thursday's national remembrance service in Greymouth -- a tribute to the 29 men who died in the Pike River Coal mine.

"I phoned DOC...and within half an hour they said 'we'll do it for you'," Robin Kingston said during a service at Greymouth's Holy Trinity Anglican Church this evening.

About 50 people attended the service, which was adapted to pay special tribute to the 29 men.

"The ferns are a reminder that life continues. The green reminds me that there's hope -- hope that my faith will stay strong throughout this period," he told the congregation.

The national service will be held at Greymouth's Omoto racecourse on December 2.

The Silver Fern is the national plant of New Zealand. Our national Netball are called the Silver ferns. I am not sure if they are using the silver fern or just any other ferns. They are all beautiful. I was at the Auckland Museum where they used only ferns in a big floral display, It looked awesome.

Some ferns are edible. If you get lost in the bush, you can cut the fronds and use them as mats and blankets.

The photos in my photos are ferns in my garden. My mum used the Fern fronds to push and keep the vegetables down the jar when she pickled them. Very organic and no pesticides. She also used them as little umbrella shades when she transplanted her vegetable and flower seedlings.

To the families of the departed twenty nine: Kia Kaha - Be Strong.


Dar said...

A lovely and fitting tribute to the lost. This will be a way to soften hearts of loss. Ferns are so beautiful and very prolific if allowed. Your garden ferns are beautiful. We have many varieties in our forest here at home and by the cabin. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming project.

M.Kate said...

Nice reading Ann. We eat some species of ferns here and when I was in KK and Kuching, there was this famous fern top they will goreng with sambal belacan, dont think we have the same kind here. That's a lot of fern to collect...I havent got a fern big enough for an umbrella yet :) Happy week ahead my friend.

Dave said...

It was a sad situation Ann - Dave

Sarawakiana@2 said...

So very sad....and I like the idea of using ferns because they are the oldest plants on earth. In the beginning there was light...
And I like to think in the\ beginning there was love....

Hope for the families of the 29...