Friday, September 21, 2012

Photohunt: Automobile

I didn't ride in this stretch limo. I saw this in Surfers paradise in Australia.

The first time I rode in a supersized automoblie was an outing of the Malaysian Indonesian Singapore students association. We went to the Southern tip of Canada. The organisers hired  Oldsmobiles. The year was 1975. We were on other outings.  They always rented an Oldsmobile. These cars were really big. We packed inside like a can of sardine. 

The other most remarkable trip was going to New York. I went with my fellow Sibu and Sarikei friends. Ning and Lee drove. My best memory was climbing up the Statue of Liberty. I met up with Wong Hung Yong, Ning and Vanny this July. We had great time of reminiscing.

 I went to this beach, at the lake at Sarnia. We all stood at this point to have our photo taken.

  1. Sarnia, Ontario - Canada's Most Southern Point - Southern Ontario ...
    Sarnia, Ontario. Sarnia is also one of Ontario's principal gateways to the United States and is located across the St. Clair River from the state of Michigan, just an ...

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Gattina said...

These old cars look like ships ! They weren't very popular here because the streets are too narrow !