Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday stills: Ray of sunshine.


It's been driving rain here, so one photo with a peep of the sun.

If you have a facebook account, Will you vote to give Takiri a ray of sunshine?

Please vote for Takiri  if you have a facebook account.

My thing is I most want to be walking and running without my crutches. I have cerebral palsy, it affects the muscles in my legs which is why I need crutches to help me get around. Horse Riding helps my muscles and balance

I do not know Takiri until today when I was told by friends about this New Zealand $10,000 AMP Scholarship when they asked me to vote either for them or their family. I went into the facebook and saw Takiri's page. 

Sunday Still, The Next Challenge – Rays Of Sunshine

Light and how you use it is one of the most important aspects of photography.  Let’s play with some interesting natural light this week.  Rays of sunshine can be found during the sunrise, sunset or even just beaming through a window during the day. Of course, if it rains all week, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing for much of the country either 

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