Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flowers: castor bean plant and Chrysanthemum.

Courtesy my friend Ling Liong Ming.

A bunch of beautiful Chrysanthemums, my friends gave me on my mum's Shou Nan Re, when she gave birth to me. A flower I dedicate to all mums, In USA, this flower is called Mums. This flower is also called Hardy Mums, yes, that's what mums are. My mum had 8 pregnancies and 9 babies.

I came home after a long day at work, and saw this lovely photo of a Plant I didn't recognise. I asked him what it was, and He said, it is castor old. Many women in the West would know what it is  or rather what castor oil does.

In New Zealand pregnant women  are giving a spoonful, helps to clean inside so when you push, only baby comes out.

Then after you have the baby, you are afraid to push because of the pain, you are given castor oil so you don't feel the pain when you go to the toilet. Everything slides out.

Castor oil from from the castor bean. For ages, it is a cure for constipation. For childbirth, they say it is a stimulant to the bowels, irritates the uterus and starts contractions.

I had 3 babies in New Zealand, and I know what I am talking about. I had my youngest in Singapore, they didn't give me castor oil, and I know the difference.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, my poor Mother in law's 7th Shou Nan Re, day of greatest suffering, the day a woman gives birth. I should tell my husband to call her. My Mother in law went on to have 4 more.  I wonder she had a some sort of a Chinese Castor oil.

 "Planting for sale, export?  " I asked Ling Liong Ming, " When you become rich from exporting this seed, don't forget it was me who told you about this." He tells me, he doesn't own the plant, just the photo. LOL

 there is only one plant as an ornament in front of a popular Malay restaurant but I saw a small plantation somewhere in the hills near Bintulu 


Jama said...

I've never heard about castor oil given during childbirth....but I think Asia drink lots of thing for easy labour, one of them is the coconut juice. I didn't drink any but got an easy labour, only 4 hours for each child.

Liz said...

I know castor oil has many benefits but this is the first time I heard about it being used for childbirth.

Red Gumamela

Unknown said...

I love mums, they're so pretty.

Modern Mom said...

First time I've seen a castor plant. The mums are pretty!

Red Spines