Monday, November 19, 2012

joseph, gentleman fisherman.

My second brother, is a fisherman hobbyist, if there such a word. applies here. He enjoys the peace and tranquility when he goes fishing with his mates. And then when the fish bites, there is a lot of excitement.

He took me fishing once, at 4 am in the morning. Even doped with the anti-seasickness pill, I was still groggy. I told him, "Thanks, Joseph, having fished once in the deep blue ocean is good enough for me."

We caught a lot of ray sharks that day.

I wonder when he is in his law firm, if he dreams of fishing.

***This one didn't get away. It's an eel, caught off his jetty. It is as long as his son Jordan's height.****


Jidhu Jose said...

its African Fish. Right?

Maude Lynn said...

How cool!

David Chin said...

In NZ many fishermen practised hook & release. They don't even like to eat fish! They fish mainly for the adrenalin rush when a big fish strike. In the open sea it could be a 250 Kg Marlin!!