Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo hunt: 7th Day of Chinese New Year, Human day., roast leg of pork

The tall building and the Pagoda were not there when I was growing up. During Chinese New Year, there will be lots of offering. Today is the 7th, or every body's birthday. Renri (Chinese:人日, literally Human Day) refers specially to the 7th day of zhengyue (正月

Louis Jap, my sister and I harboured a secret as to why I got fat. My sister was in Mukah teaching, and befriended this family. The Dad was the care taker of this temple , ( I don't know if it was Mr. Tan Teck Chiang, must be his predessessor.)

I was 16,  one holidays, his daughter and my sister came back to Sibu. Guess what we ate when we visited him in the temple. Plenty of Roast ducks, pork and chicken. There was so much roast meat galore. He said some people come to worship and leave the meat behind.

I was worried and guilty., as we were Roman Catholic and I was afraid that we shouldn't be eating these meat. They were full of incense ashes

He said some people come to worship and leave the meat behind.
So why go to waste? It did not go waste on me. Since than I became fat.

Photo: This is for Ah Leng, Lynn Wong my Kai Sister, as she celebrates the wonderful job her son Antony has done. It is also to entice him to come to visit me when he is up here in Auck Uni.

Feb 16 : Food photos, or your favorite food 

My favourite rich fatty roast leg of pork. Can't really blame that leftover temple food. I ate when I was 16 to make me fat. 

This is a roast leg of pork. 


wenn said...

good that the food was not wasted..

Gattina said...

Wow ! that must taste delicious !